We are trying to do it on the cheap. Lengthwise it’s about 1700mm- 1750mm. Widthwise 1225mm.

That’s all I’ve got to play with.

Bench is 610mm wide and will be cut to size to fit that nook.

Have asked hubby to raise the bench to 900mm so I can fit two of these under it. They measure in at 850mm high , width 580mm and costs $79 each. 

On top I’m going to order a set of wall cabinets. 

They are a bit short, only 1600mm but for convenience sake it will do. 

They are only to house our cups and plates etc.

So $99 for bench $158 for trolleys and $199 for cabinet.

I’m hoping that the trolleys can stay out as a lunch bench or just extra space for our coffee maker etc. 

$456 all up plus sink which was $448 made it $904 

Still got to go buy a tap and we are done .