Every Saturday I would give the kids $20 each for lunch . 

For that they run errands for me. Today my 18 years old son called out to me. Do you need anything? 

Told him yes. Please buy milk ,bread and salami. How much salami mum ? 200g.

So off he went. He’s come home with the right goods. He’s improving . 

Life skills that’s what I want to teach my kids so that if anything happens they can survive without us.

Was thinking in the car I should get my will sorted . That way there’s no arguing or misunderstandings.

There’s a will kit that you can buy online. The thing is where do one starts?

Like money wise ? I know if I pass then hubby will end up with everything . Thus how do I go about providing for the kids and my parents ?

Unless my share goes straight to them in form of a trust ? 

In the event he has a girl friend or a new partner? Have heard of horror stories of the kids not getting a cent.

Lots to think about that’s for sure.