That we are. Just popped a message to my old workmate asking if she’d like to catch up today since I’m down here.

She couldn’t as she’s working at a new job. Later on I found out she’s resigned. Apparently she couldn’t deal with the euthanasia side of things .

Guessing from the sound of it she’s probably been working with animals as she loves them to bits. 

Me? I had a stint at The Women’s years ago. In the end I just kept on refusing shifts . I just couldn’t deal with it.

 There were hopefuls wanting to be pregnant at all costs and yet there were others aborting. 

Some were medical , at late stage with tears in their eyes. It was just awful , could feel their grief , their anguish for their unborn child and there I was counselling them about what to expect with the medication and asking for payment. 

It affected me badly and that was that. I know professionally I shouldn’t let it affect me but as a mum I felt their heartache.