Looks like Summer is finally here. I just opened the sun roof to try to air out the apartment to find that it’s already hot. So went and closed it again and turned on the AC.

It’s been hot the last few days and still going. On the bright side I’m half a kilo lighter if it keeps going I’ll be able to reach my target a bit quicker only got another kilo to go.

Today I’m going to finish off under the house. Then off to find two pots and a clock.

Hubby keeps on burning my pots to smithereens . This is my second pot he’s burnt within a few weeks. He doesn’t watch the pot. As soon as he gets distracted there goes dinner. 

Ours flew off the shelf when hubby opened the sunroof and bifolds and in doing so created a wind tunnel. 

Found two more containers in my spare shoes cupboard . They are housing shoe laces and shoes polish. I’m going to swap them to a basket so can give my sister the containers for her kids’ art and craft supplies. 

Then may be BBQ chicken wraps for dinner? I can easily get the ingredients from Westfield when I go to buy my pots.