I had a nap this afternoon to prepare for my drive . It was going to be a long one with road works all along the way.

There was nothing I can do about it . It was out of my control. Just a quiet acceptance. 

Didn’t start going until after 9pm then when I got into the car saw only had less than half a tank left. I thought what the?

I had enough to get to Geelong and may be even to my hidey hole. Fuelled up as soon as I exited the freeway.

I was relieved to see petrol was still cheap here. Melbourne had unleaded at 136 or something. Here it was only 122 so I splurged and popped in premium. The car seems on zoom on premium. Eventhough it’s done 230,000km plus, it is still a very reliable car.

I got in just before 11pm. Now listening to my new Christina Perri CD. 

Thinking about tomorrow. Brought down a banana for breakkie to have with my coffee.

Then a walk to the beach . Then off to the nursery to see if I can find a clock to replace our broken one. 

Saw this one in Myer that I thought was not bad. It was $130 though which I thought was a bit much . 

Loved the copper one too. Will look around for one similar.

Talked to dad today. He wanted me to play tour guide to his friends in March .

How do I show our visitors my Melbourne in not even one day? There’s so much to see? Will see if I can put together an itinerary for that Saturday. 

One good thing he’s going to Springvale tomorrow so have asked him to buy groceries for dinner. 

I’m stuck here til 3pm at least since the spa isn’t going to be delivered until 2-230pm. Hubby already texted me a list of things to ask the spa people. 

I am hoping to head back before peak traffic though I doubt it would make much of a difference. Yesterday took just as long. 

1134pm and time for bed. Looking forward to tomorrow. 

Here is hoping I sleep the whole night through. How hard can it be? I used to fall asleep at a drop of a hat and now? Arghhhh I am not looking forward to old age 😩