Yesterday at mum’s she was saying how my youngest is an all rounder and would go far in life. 

Well something along that line anyway . Then she popped it out, she’s a bit like you. Meaning I’m too an all rounder .

I’ve never thought of myself that way. More like a jack of all trades and master of none? 

Told her I haven’t gone far because I’m all enthusiastic in the beginning and then I lose interest and that’s it. I move on to the next ‘thing ‘.

Let see there was that realestate course that I did when I wanted to sell houses . Then the food safety course to hold cooking lessons. Oh and the camera course when I wanted to be a freelance photographer and the interior design course when I thought working with interiors would be cool ? 

I’ve moved on , now it’s baking until I move on to something else. Nothing holds my interests for long .

What I really need is a sidekick. I’m only good at drumming up grand ideas but I need that person to make it happen . I’m no good. I’m just a dud.