Not sure why I’m so tired . I remembered when I was working in Geelong some days I’d commute.

Let see it was pretty much a 5am start . Got out of house dressed at 530am . Drive to Geelong to arrive at 645am. Have a nap in the car or close my eyes for a rest.

Start walking at 730am and grab breakfast at the cafeteria to start work at 830am. My days back then didn’t end til 530pm sometimes 6pm.

Then it’s another 10 minutes walk up hill to my car and a 22 minutes drive to my hidey hole. I’d detour along the way to the shops to grab groceries to cook dinner .

Today it crossed my mind. How did I do all that? 

All of this week I’ve been up at 6am then 630am out of the house to catch the 639am train. 

I’d get into the city just after 7am and reach the school by 730am to have breakkie for an 8am start . 

We’d be out by 3pm then a tram and train trip home. Yet I’m so very tired . It’s only 938pm now and I’m ready for bed .

Still waiting on a load of clothes. My work clothes to hang out then need to get to bed.

My eyes are droopy like those cartoons where they need two toothpicks to stand the lids up.