Start of my week . Jobless.

Woke up around 6am this morning. Off I went into the business to try to get a few hours under my belt.

First thing was to have a empty bench. Found beer bottles from late night painting walls. Paperwork . Tablets. Chocolates all strewn over my bench.

I’ve since popped two loads in my washing machine and cleared my lines. Forgot to wash towels last Thursday (towels day) . 

Next bit is to get my kitchen in order. This is what happens when hubby cook. 

My pantry is in a mess. Too much stuff and not enough storage space . I might have to sacrifice a wall cupboard to store food. 

Might have to be nice to hubby so he can knock me up a divider in the middle so I can store cooking equipment one side food in the other. 

After that comes my fridge and freezer

My aim today is to just get my kitchen in order so I can start cooking again.

I don’t know what I’ve got and what I haven’t got to even go groceries shopping. 

I’m going to bring the cakes downstairs so the staff can have a try. Plus need to clear my fridge.