I’ve roughly mapped what we will be doing . It’s easier with the joining of the dots. 

I’m a visual person and needs to see it to work it out. 

We will start from Southern Cross station as that’s where the Sky Bus from the airport will take us. 

Then we will walk up Collins to Swanston St (5 blocks ). Lots to see. 

On the way I’ll point out The Intercontinental hotel, the Olderfleet buildings, the banking museum, Treasury. On the corner of Swanston there’s our town hall and the Manchester Unity building (tour for inside ) .

From Swanston St we will tram it up to Spring St (Paris end ) (3 blocks ) to see the old Treasury building, Treasury gardens joins to Fitzroy gardens, then walk up a block to see St Patrick’s cathedral and across to see Parliament House.

After that we will head back down Bourke by tram to Russell St to little Bourke to show them Chinatown. 

From Russell it’s an easy one block to Swanston again to visit Bourke St Mall.

The mall is full of buskers and has our GPO building .

Then we will weave our way through the laneways (Royal Arcade, Block Arcade, Centre way, Degraves ) to make our way to Flinders St station. 

From Flinders we will cross the road to see Federation square , St Paul’s cathedral , the Forum theatre .

From there we will cross the bridge to see Queen Victoria gardens then U turning to walk down Southbank promenade by the Yarra then cross back on the Travellers bridge to Flinders to take train back to my place. 

I’m two minded about Vic market as they will visit a market in Sydney. Plus I don’t think we will have time. 

The other is the Emporium which is just an upmarket shopping centre. 
If we were going to have lunch at Yami Yami then we’ll do Hardware lane . The thing is the lane is only bustling at night where you get live music in the lane. Waiters beckoning you in to eat inside their restaurants.

I’ll have to make a trip in next week to see if it’s any good during the day and to try out my route to see how long it takes to do the whole circuit.


There are lots that we will miss.The Supreme Court building, the Mint, Vic market, State Library, Docklands , Royal  exhibition building and gardens.

The State library is great to go see the dome and exhibitions . It’s just opposite Melbourne Central.

Photo from website below.


The bottom link is about the Royal Exhibition Building and the Carlton Gardens. You can only see the outside unless you join a tour which we haven’t got time for. Plus it’s nowhere in the CBD . It’s another 10 minutes tram trip out. 


The Supreme Court is another beautiful old building. 


I’ll have to think about it as it would be a pity to miss the State Library and from there it’s an easy cross to Melbourne Central to see the Schots tower and then on to Hardware Lane. 

If that’s the case from Chinatown I’d catch the tram from Swanston to La Trobe to see the library and Schots tower. Then will walk down to Yami Yami for lunch see Hardware lane. Then continue on to Bourke to see the Mall. 

Or alternatively we can see the library , the Schots tower , Drewery Lane with the lovers sculpture and walk through Emporium on way back to the Mall. 

We will see. Might have to remap.