Trying to work out my route tomorrow. Have popped my destination address in to find out the website didn’t give me what I thought was the best route. 

I was wondering why when it occurred to me. It’s pretty smart the website . I was going to take another route as there’s a few trams going down that route.

The website gave me another route altogether . When I was estimating the distance from the tram stop there wasn’t much of a difference. The only thing was one was tram stop 11 and the other 15.

Which means longer time on the tram and similar walking distance to the clinic.

So now the question is which route do I take?

They both travel along the same road only to split up 3/4 of the way. One goes one way one goes the other. They end up running parallel to each other.

My decision? If the tram is there or about to arrive I’ll take the shorter route as advised . If it’s a long wait and the other tram comes first then I’ll take it. We’ve got plenty of time til the appointment so there’s no stress.

At this rate hopefully I’ll get back into the city by 12-1230pm just in time for lunch. 

I’m hoping to be at the station by 830am the latest to have breakfast before I pick up my client. It’s a fiddly one as I’m to meet at the platform on a buggy which means I’ll have to pop into our booth to go with the buggy driver to the platform.