Yes Melbourne has a subway 😍

I used it today and ummmm not too impressed. Sorry to say it stunk of urine and littered with rubbish.

This is the concourse before the entrance to the station.

Apparently they built this bit for pedestrians to cross the road for the Melbourne 1956 Olympics . Not many people use it now.

Next time I think I’ll use the crossings.

My shift was a long one today. The booking person got the train’s time wrong so I ended up being even earlier than early. The train didn’t rock up until another 15 minutes. My booking time didn’t correspond to any train at all.

After that confusion we head off okie. The client told me each trip they went on a different route but they much preferred the longer route as it was down hill. So there you go my route won in the end 😍

We didn’t get back to the booth at the station until 230pm. Then instead of catching a train to Melbourne Central for lunch I decided to walk up in the heat.

By the time I got to Elizabeth I was like what am I doing ? Was about to hop on a tram when I realised the tram stop had those orange thingy wrapped around them saying out of action . What the? Of all the days when I need a tram there’s none?

So poor starving tired me trudged all the way to the Emporium.

This was my reward. Vegetarian laksa in a non vegetarian soup 😂

Plus this with a view 😍

After that I felt quite happy . My tummy was full and I was ready for whatever. So headed to Melbourne Central to catch a train to Flinders . Well there’s no train is there?

This is how Melbourne Metro works . In the morning the train goes around the loop first before it heads to Southern Cross and Flinders.

In the afternoon it goes the other way. Thus all the trains from Melbourne Central  don’t go to Flinders . Silly me after all that food coma forgot.

The Metro guy must have seen me looking quite lost he directed me to the trams.  I was more bewildered than anything else my mind was working out how I should catch a train to Richmond jump out and then change to go to Flinders .

Well either way it would have taken the same amount of time.

The reason I wanted to go to Flinders was this. Well no not this but more to sus out the confectionery funnel.

Photo from Matfer.

The school had it for $299 the cake deco shop had a similar funnel for $99 on their website.

It turned out the one from above is Made in France. The cheapo was Made in China as expected .

Oh well did manage to find the cake transporter . Made in the USA . Very happy. How rare is it now to find stuff not Made in China? Very rare indeed.

I’m tired now. As for dinner our oldest have offered to grab take away on way back from dropping her bff home.

Now I need a nap before I drive down to the hidey hole tonight.

PS. My lockers arrived, still wrapped 😍