Autumn is finally here. It’s my favourite time of the year. The only downside to that is Winter is just around the corner.

We in Australia hit Autumn only second to New Zealand. I still remembered waiting anxiously when the clock ticked over at midnight to the Year 2000.

Lots of people were worried. At my sister in law’s place she had I don’t know how many bags of rice (10 bags of 25kg?) , water bottles and fish sauce. That’s what she’d stockpiled. 

As for me ? All I did was run our corner spa bath to the brim just before midnight. Just in case. Hubby was like don’t worry about the rice we can always go and eat at his sister’s place. 

Anyhow nothing happened thank goodness . My water went to water the plants. 

I was going to drive down to the hidey hole last night. That didn’t happen I was that tired I deemed myself unsafe to drive . Will drive down tonight after dinner.

Tomorrow is a bit cooler thus more walkies weather . 

Plans for today is to make a card and post my friend’s pressie away. I’ve got her address somewhere . 

Then sort out under the house. There’s still stuff that needs to be brought down to the hidey hole.

He’s pretty much nearly finished the vaccination room. Last night he didn’t have enough trim to go around the room. The piece he bought he made a mistake with the cutting.

The staff toilet has been cleared 80% . This morning I’ve popped the hangers and uniforms into the lockers . It’s nearly ready to be painted only a few spots to be patched up. Then the lockers can be placed in its permanent home next to the hand dryer.

At the moment it’s just outside. I’ve taken the plastic bits off so the staff can use them. Have also stucked a note to say please return the keys at the end of the day so that we don’t lose keys. The spare keys have been hidden away. 

Breakkie is done and dusted. Noodles tossed in butter and Knorr soy sauce and my instant.

Need to give myself a kick this morning. Feels like an ass or rather a stubborn goat that just stands in the one spot. 🐐