Having a loo break in Werribee , my half way break. The next petrol stop is not until Melbourne. 

A guy I know got stuck on the Westgate last night for more than an hour. It was a truck losing its load of offal. All he wanted to do was go take a p..ss.

Well I’m not taking any risks . Have been caught before . I was caught for hours when they were trying to sort out the gas spill. Took me 3 hours to get home from Geelong instead of 1 hour 15.

As soon as there’s an accident in the tunnel or on the bridge it just piles up and you’re just sitting duck. 

The other side of the bridge . The Barwon Heads side. 

Where the sand is you turn left and it continues to my favourite spot. 

From the main Ocean Grove beach to walk to this side takes approximately an hour. 
I missed the turn off for my usual spot. Didn’t stay long felt out of place. 

Having one of these before I head off. Need to ring hubby too so he knows where I am.