Well it’s feast or famine with me. It’s feast at the moment . Bored stiff and it’s only 809pm. What does one do but cook?

Have had a look I’ve got all the ingredients to make red bean soup. 

I tend to put in whatever. Tonight it’s tapioca flakes and seaweed plus some kumquat.

Others use dried kumquat I use frozen ones . It’s from my kumquat plants. I use both the juice and also the peel. 

Makes the soup yum, sweet with a tinge of sour and also fragrant.

You’d need to soak the seaweed and tapioca in warm water .

Once the beans are cooked then add in the slab sugar, the tapioca, seaweed and the kumquat .

It’s a yummy dessert and healthy too well if you don’t count the sugar 😍

Hubby asked me not to make anymore dessert as he’s getting fatter. 

The thing is hubby’s got a sweet tooth. He can’t resist my desserts . Sweet revenge as he’s been a pain 😂