Had to make myself go do groceries . We’ve run out of bread and bananas. Needed a few more cucumber for vegies and also more Mykis for our visitors. 

I’ve got 8 now will grab one off hubby to make 9. Mum’s got her own which makes 10. 

It’s a really stupid system our Mykis. Can’t believe that they’ve implemented a dud of a ticketing system and we tax payers are paying billions for it .

In Victoria it costs $6 just to buy a Myki then you’ve got to top it up as well which is a pain. The $6 is non refundable. 

Meanwhile our neighbour New South Wales implemented the Opal card and it’s free. You just have to top it up.

The thing is if tourists only travel within the CBD then it’s free on trams. It’s when they go out of the free zone then they’d need a Myki . The free thing doesn’t extend to the trains. All trains need a valid Myki. 

Thought I’d take photos of our vending machines just for fun. 

The snack machine looks good . Can see adult (Kettle) flavoured chips. Salt and vinegar is always popular as are the Maltesers. And yummo snakes lollies.

As for the drinks looks like they are trying hard to please everyone. Can see water , Powerade, juice for the health conscious and of course coffee and Coke for the caffeine addicts. I was surprised to see coffee in the vending machine. That’s  a first.