It’s 839am. Have done some exploring to remap my route for tomorrow.

Will take them to see Drewery Lane on the way back from lunch . We are grabbing a souvlaki and have lunch on the run in QV. 

This lane is the one with the lovers entwined. It also had all these Legacy plaques and graffitied walls to see.

It’s only a few steps down from Swanston and Lonsdale. We’d be near there anyway for lunch. 

I was worried before as how to make the route flow. Have figured it out now so I’m happy.

We will walk down Collins to see old buildings then tram it up to Vic market to have a quick walk around and to grab coffee and donuts . 

Then tram it back to Melbourne Central . Walk through MC , one block, to reach the Schots tower and watch the clock strike on the hour. 

Then across the road to see the State library and the dome inside it.

After that we will tram it down to Collins so they can take photos of the Town Hall. It will also be our toilet break. The toilets are newly renovated underground. Old charms of yesteryears.

From there we will tram it up to Spring St to the old treasury and Parliament House as per old route .

Then on way down we will have lunch then Drewery Lane which is on way to the Emporium. 

We’d walk through the Emporium to grab some macarons from Zumbo to eat on the way. Then go through the Lane way etc.

Breakkie this morning . $10 for a breakkie burrito and a small coffee. 

Decided to have it in one of the arcades in Chinatown. It’s dead in the morning . Plus the restroom is in there. Silly me didn’t have time to grab my cardigan this morning as was in such a rush to catch the train. 

The thing with vollies headquarters is that they’ve got only a few cubicles and it’s unisex . So if one goes in they change the sign to male or female as needed.

And all the way out the back so it’s better I go after breakkie before I front up at 9am. 

Got 10’minutes before I have to be there. The headquarters is just across the road from the arcade.