We had quite a day. No one told me that he had crooked legs. Thus we only got to Queen Vic Market when the truth came out. His legs were swollen thus no more walking .

I had to think on my feet. Okie what can we miss and what we can’t miss.

Thus the State Library went and we caught the train to Bourke St Mall and went straight to Parliament House. 

At Parliament House we dropped him off and his brother in law at the Chinese Garden and I took the rest through Parliament Gardens to St Patrick’s Cathedral. We even went inside to have a peep.

After that it was back to pick up the other two to go have lunch. 

It was only then when it was revealed they don’t like lamb . So my idea of having souvlaki went out the window. 

I was like what the? So off we went to have Yum Cha. Lucky for me I knew where to go. Dragon Boat Palace have an outdoor seating area where you can just order your food and sit and eat . 

It was just quicker and easier.

Then I took them to Drewery Lane and from there through the Emporium to buy our macarons then on to the arcades and laneways.

We got to Flinders when they couldn’t be bothered anymore and off we went home .

In all they didn’t see all of it. We missed most of the itinerary but I think they had a good time.

The coffee they said was really good. It was one of those hole in the wall places where you’d never know. 

And they liked the donuts . So I think I didn’t do too badly .

Dad have asked me to go with them tomorrow. Not sure if I have the energy to go. 

I’m that tired . Feels quite embarrassed as my group was in their 60-70s and they actually went since they got in from their flight. 

Will be dreaming of my hidey hole tonight.