Met the artist and his wife. What a blessed pair and what a hard life. They rebuilt the gardens and their home from scratch . It was burnt down 8 years ago and now ? Even though there’s still remnants of the fire it is green and lush . 

His sculptures are worth the long drive. I will come back to visit with my family .

Painting of his wife by him.

One of his little creations. May be of his daughter 😊

His work shop. A new creation , a little cheeky pirate .

And these are from their gardens. A happy drunk ? 😊

Modern life?  😊

I’m glad I went. Most of the photos are in the big camera so will upload later.

Today we are off down the Great Ocean Road. 

It’s now 632am I’ve got to be at my parents by 7am.

Still have to shower and eat and run .