Just accepted another shift for next week. As it’s Friday and they still need someone for a Monday morning shift .

Monday I’m to do a drop off only . It’s an easy drop off as it’s a short route and no changing of trams. The thing is I’ll be buddying up with a newbie . I’m to show her the ropes. 

Then Tuesday is a full day of volunteering. Here is hoping I finish at a reasonable time as need to go to the school to pick up my lemon zest.
On Friday we are having a multicultural morning tea. I’m still thinking of what to make.

That’s like three days gone to volunteering.

Usually I reserve Mondays to have lunch with hubby. I think he will end up going to the rental to do some work so I can meet him there at the rental to have lunch. I can pick up my zest then too if it’s there.

Was wandering in Box Hill when I came across this. Wonders what it is?