Popped into the business last night to try to catch up. Gave up at 930pm. By then I’ve popped in near 200 scripts.

Thought I’d leave the rest for this morning. Just had a look. Thank goodness I persevere last night. I’m nearly there. Which means no going in on Sunday to do scripts. 

From the look of things I should be able to wrap things up by 9am . 

Then it starts again on Monday.

Today I’m going to go hunting for new stools.

I need a few that will go up and down for us to sit on to dispense. Also two for the back for staff to sit on. 

These ones we’ve inherited from one of our staff. They don’t go up and down anymore. We need the different heights as when we designed the place we took into account the shorties like me and the relieving pharmacist . My bench is a bit lower than the main bench.

We usually stand to dispense as it’s faster to go grab the tablets and go talk to the clients . We only sit to do paperwork or to put scripts through.