Saw a message flashed on my phone and saw a missed call. I was like ummmm who’s ringing me this early?

Turned out it was the person manning the booth at Southern Cross telling me my buddy is on his way to the platform to meet me as it was getting late.

It was late as I’m supposed to be at the booth by 750am to meet him and here I am still at home in my birthday suit just got out of bed.

So I quickly rang her back and told her I thought the booking was next week ? The poor dear said she thought it was funny as she couldn’t find any such booking for today.

Hopefully someone’s gone to retrieve my buddy from the platform . What a jolt to my morning.

Having my most important meal then will think how to spend my day.

I have no commitments today other then to front up at the business to catch up. I need to pop script through so hubby can submit a claim so we can get paid. It’s near the end of the month and money is tight.

Hubby meanwhile is trying to get the rental ready. It’s been without rent for last 4 months and it’s not good news. No money for mortgage repayment this month. Thank goodness we’ve been saving all along and paying into the principal thus we are in the black not red. It gives us a bit of breathing space.

With everything happening we just haven’t had time. Once we’ve done minor maintenance work we can relist it again. Where it is it’s really easy to find renters. Hubby’s just been fluffing around. I should have stepped in and hired someone to do it all. We are having to make up 3K a month with it just sitting there. Since I am not working it’s a financial stress on us hence no money for the mortgage this month. 

It shows we can weather it for three months with no rent but not anymore than that.

As for today I haven’t had a thought of how to spend it. Haven’t been able to keep up with my diary entries . The underneath the house needs clearing still. 

I’ve got yucky clothes to wash from hubby’s sport bag and his maintenance work . They needed soaking. Saw my oldest have changed her bedding leaving me a pile to wash.

Then I’ve got to tackle my CPD (Continuing professional development) . It’s 40 points a year we’ve got to accumulate and as of now I think I’m in the digits . It’s end of March and the whole lot is due end of September which is 6 months away. 

I need to rejig my learning plans as well. A load of crap if you ask me. If someone works full time where do they find time to do a plan? We all learn differently and we learn on the job. If I’m interest in something I’ll do courses or read up on it. You can’t expect someone who hates skin diseases to go read up on it. It’s not going to happen. It’s a terrible state of affair. 

They then expect every bit of learning have to cover the objectives as per the frame work. 

Like this lecture that’s on tonight that I’ve just received in my email. So much paperwork for 1 miserly point. 

If you work in hospital you know all this. You don’t even have to calculate as there’s websites that’s got a calculator embedded in it so all you do is put in the weight , height if need be if you want ideal body weight then their serum creatinine, their age, male or female and whola their creatinine clearance or renal function is calculated. 

As for the drugs you just look them up . They usually tell you if it needs to be renally adjusted. Mostly systemic antibiotics etc. 

I’m not sure if I want to go to the lecture tonight. I might go as it gives me a chance to catch up with colleagues if they go. It also means I’ll have to get dinner ready before I leave as it starts at 7pm. I’ll have to leave at 610pm  the latest to drive there and to find parking. 

If I don’t I can register for the webinar though it’s not the same. The past webinars sometimes misses out stuff and if it’s noisy you miss discussions between the speakers and the audience.

Anyhow have yet to register for either. I’ll do it soon once I’ve showered. I need to find my card to get my membership number to register. 

So much for staying at home 7 days a week . I still haven’t much time to do anything . Wasted the last week or so napping half the day away.

I’m seriously thinking of offering to work for hubby every Saturday. Though still not sure. We will see how I go. I might go into the business to work without offering myself formally as he will hold me to it.