Was going to clear the fridge tonight and have what’s in there as I was sleepy all day.

Then decided what the heck and left home at 225pm to catch a train. 

Wanted to give this recipe a go . Can already see a mistake. See if you can spot it.

Bought the more expensive brand as couldn’t remember which one we had at home ? Turned out I did buy the right brand.

Here is hoping the expensive brand is Made in Japan and is cooking wine as I can’t read Japanese 😂
The cheaper brands were made in China, Viet Nam and Singapore. 

Found some rice sprinkles . Bought one for us and one for mum and dad to try. They’ve got different flavours. Today I bought salmon and shrimp.

My chicken is ready for the fridge. It needs to sit for three hours until 7-730pm. Since it’s Friday dinner is in no hurry.

I’ve modified the marinade so will see how it goes. I’ve used all of the ingredients just adjusted a few 😂 so it’s easier to remember😂

Soy=2 tablespoons 

Cooking wine=4 tablespoons 

Lemonade= 2 tablespoons 

Garlic=5 cloves

Ginger=knob 3cm 

Sesame oil =1.5 teaspoons as per recipe. I think they’ve got the mls wrong.

Other than that everything is the same. 

Didn’t grate or finely chopped or nothing . I chucked the whole lot (garlic, ginger, spring onion) into one of those mini processor and pressed the button.