That’s what my little ones call it. It’s so soft mummy. And it is. Your feet just sink into it.

Been so flat lately I haven’t gotten around to anything much. Let alone driving 112kms to get there. 

I really need a kick in the backside to rev me up. What’s wrong with me? 

Only got to question 5 yesterday and I got distracted. I knew my BMI was within range still I went in to check it.

The heart foundation website here have a BMI calculator. 

Or you can just calculate it using a calculator. 

It’s weight (kg)/height (metre) squared 

Mine would be 49 divide by (1.55×1.55) or 49/2.4  

Mine turned out within the healthy range as I’ve thought . BMI of 20. We Asians need to be under 23. 
Though my waist line is a worry. Considering I’ve lost 3 kilos and inches off my waist it’s still borderline. It’s hovering around 79-80cm. Guess no more KFC for little Miss V.

After doing all that I lost interest. I started thinking about my symptoms lately how my skin don’t heal too well. How I’m getting tingling feelings in my feet. I’d be the perfect candidate for Type 2 diabetes. I don’t exercise enough . I love my sweets and my junk food and if I don’t watch out I’d end up with it.

It’s not too hard to do as my grandma had it. Not only that I’ve got a history of heart disease in my family. 

Guess thinking about all the ice cream I would have to forgone was too much for me and I took me, myself and I to bed .

And that was pretty much all of yesterday . Spent most of it in bed except for the kick me in the arse moment where I took off shopping for dinner. 

As for today ? Not much has changed . The weather is not helping. Outside looks grey and yucky, a forecast of rain and 27C.

I might go out . Don’t know where just out. I think I’m getting cabin fever from being at home 24/24. 

Next week I’m going to try to get to my hidey hole.

 I’ve only got a volunteering shift on Tuesday and that’s it. I’ve taken them out before and they are good company. We tend to have our favourites even though we are not supposed to. 

The week after is term break and we might head down anyway. The thing is school holidays means no car park, crowds everywhere and the shops hike their prices up. 

From the weather forecast Wednesday looks like a nice beach day. It’s 12-27C with the sun hiding behind the clouds then down to 19C and sunny on Thursday. 

But then anything can change with Melbourne weather. They didn’t say anything about rain this weekend last week. And it was supposed to be warmer too.