Usually daylight saving starts in October and ends in April over here. It ends this Sunday.

I’d completely forgot all about it until someone reminded me. Not that it will affect us much as well the kids will be on holidays as of this Friday and they tend to sleep in anyway.

It’s when it starts that’s a problem. As it always tend to fall on the Sunday before they start back at school . Imagine getting all the kids up for school after two weeks break and an hour earlier 😩. Not only that waking them up for the whole week until their bodies get used to it. 

I hate daylight saving with a vengeance .It drives my body nannas. It takes me a week either way to get used to the new time.

I’ve just received a message from one of my girl friends . She would like to catch up after the school holidays but just with me and not with her sister as well. They are having a sibling fight.

Asked her what she would like for her birthday and she replied PJs, nightie or a slip for bed.

There used to be 4 of us. The siblings another friend that’s since gone to Texas and me. We used to get together for each of our birthdays and have lunch. The birthday girl get a small pressie, lunch and a birthday cake. 

When the kids were little we’d meet at each other’s house and bring food to share. 

This year it’s only me as she’s got her two girls with her so I’ve offered to drive to her place. I’ll buy or make something for lunch. Will grab her a cake as well. 

As for the pressie I’m going to get her something raunchy.

One year she got me to buy her undies. My instructions was that they had to be fancy but not too raunchy. I was like what? I can’t imagine she asked me? or her in them? 

She’s a Taurus and a straight one at that. No twisties in her life, straight and down the narrow. After all she’s a consultant at one of the big hospitals in Melbourne.

I’ve known her since I was in year 8. May be that’s why. She trusted me enough to bestow me the task. Either that or she thinks I know her well enough to know what she likes.

Anyhow after she received her pressie she wrote me a thank you note saying how her husband loved them 😂. I didn’t go all out raunchy but I did have fun buying them for her😂

I think she’s going to love her nightie /slip this year 😂 and if she doesn’t her husband will 😂