Came home to find the heater on, set at 23C and I thought what? 

Then it came to me. Of course it would have been the kids. They would have been drenched.

This morning I thought it was weird that they didn’t have their jumper with them? Well you wouldn’t think you’d need a jumper when it’s 33C would you?

You’re wrong. This morning was a Summer’s day . Warm, blue skies and the sun was out.

When I left for IKEA at around 2pm it was still warm. By the time I reached IKEA it’s gone all stormy , blustery and it was spitting. IKEA is only a 10-15 minutes drive from us.

It’s 421pm now and the temperature have dropped to 17C from 33C. It’s grey as and still raining . Some part of the state have a 100kph gusts of wind. 

That’s Melbourne for you . 4 seasons in the one day. What’s new? 

Guess we won’t be needing shading from the sun anymore. 

Was going to buy it but changed my mind.

Bought this instead. It was $20. It’s finished at the ends. I can use my staple gun and staple it at one end to take a rod 😍. 

$20 bought me all of this. The strawberries were $1.99 a punnet. Apples were $4.99/kg and nectarines $6.99/kg . Can’t remember how much the sultanas were. Thought they were cheap so bought heaps . As for the raspberries I think they were $3.50 a punnet.