Or rather one mean big bitch. No I don’t call anyone a bitch. It’s a terrible word. 

The words above was used by a councillor  describing our cyclone Debbie . She’s causing havoc up north.

That’s why we don’t go up north from January to April as it’s cyclone season. We bought cheap airfares once to Vanuatu to visit my sister and caught the tail of a cyclone. It was a horrifying night. After that never again.

They estimated the destructions from Debbie will be much greater than Yasi in 2011. It’s in the billions.

As for us Southerners we will feel the pain when bananas run out. 

At the moment they are $1.99 a kilo. If it’s anything like Yasi and it’s worse it will sky rocket to $18 a kilo before the next crop is ready for harvesting. 

90% of the banana crop have been wiped out. 

I’d better buy heaps of bananas so we can all have a banana fix. Pity we can’t store them.

My son had a brilliant idea. He reckons if we buy them now and they go brown we can chuck them in the freezer for his sisters to make banana bread when there’s no bananas around. 

Don’t know how his mind works some day. He reminds me of me. Poor kid.