I’ve passed this house many a times. 

It’s in a sad state of disrepair . There used to be a young guy in his 20s? And his big dogs living there. He had  two or three ? 

Wasn’t sure if he was squatting or he was working on the house.

I don’t see him anymore. 

The house look lonesome in its state amongst the newer well kept beach shacks or rather beach McMansions.

These must be locals though not sure what they are called.

Pretty flowers along the lane. I think someone have planted them.

On the way back through the dunes. 

I think this would make a great midnight snack drive through? I wonder how much it would cost to rent? 😊

Went to the hardware store to buy some staples for my gun. Ummmm now which one do I have again? 😩

Had to ring home to find out. It was a T50. I settled for a 6mm. I ran out yesterday when I tried to staple the rug to the timber so I can hang it.

Lunch . Trying out a new flavour. I still like the prawn wonton one better. Coles had a sale,  $2.50 each which works out cheaper than Costco . And since it scanned at $5 she gave me one for free 😍

Didn’t end up going anywhere after my walk. I texted the rubbish runner with photos for a quote in the morning thinking he wouldn’t turn up til next week . Well he was free so he came to pick up the whole lot this afternoon rendering me stuck til 2pm.

By then it was too late to go anywhere. Had a good productive day today. Didn’t touch my CPD at all. Oh well.