I’m having a cooking hiatus . Instead of stressing out about getting dinner out on time I’m cruising along. 

I’m actually ahead of schedule. 

Dinner is served and it’s not even 4pm. Bought some honey chicken and lamb rogan josh from the food court ($26) then I bought some broccoli and blanched them. That’s our dinner tonight. 

Managed to grab groceries whilst I was at it, bread and fruits for the kids.

This was what I ended up buying for my friend nice and naughty but not slutty 😂 

Found it on sale so bought for hubby. It’s going to be his  anniversary pressie. That way he can karaoke to his heart’s content 😂 

Didn’t buy anything for me except for an ice cream. Not a fan of clothes shopping. Lingerie shopping may be. But then I still love my birthday suit best 😂