It feels foreign and uncomfortable . So off it went.

I haven’t worn my wedding ring for years now. It started with me putting on weight so it didn’t fit.

Then with me working at the hospital and washing my hands so often it was best without . That’s why none of the doctors wear their rings. 

It’s just simpler that way. It’s a pain as the hand washing liquid would get trapped and it takes forever to wash . 

A few years back I decided to wear it again so off I went to get it up sized. $50 later I went back to find I still couldn’t wear it.

The jeweller said if I wanted it any bigger he’d have to cut it make it thinner then rejoin it.
To which I declined. It’s bad luck to cut a ring plus with the way my marriage was heading ummmm I didn’t want to jinx it.

Found my ring this morning and to my surprise it fitted. Barely though so off it went back into the drawer.
Hubby doesn’t wear his lately. His excuse it gets caught when he goes to the gym.

Which means I don’t have to wear it either.