This morning I woke up real early . 6am and I was already up. After some coffee and a piece of ham on toast I went into the business to do some work. 

Hubby came in about 830am saying he was going across the road to the cafe and if I’d wanted something . Told him no. May be he’s thought about my texts from last night? 
Came home near 9am to put a load in . Took the washing down to sort . 

I’m up to my second load .

The oldest up and went somewhere she didn’t bother to say where she was going.

The two younger ones have gone to the city.  I thought it was only my son and his bestie going but then my girl decided to tag along. 

Upon leaving my soon to be 19 gave me a hug in front of his friend. 

My youngest gave me one before bed last night. Feeling loved up this morning.

Which leave me at home by myself. Have since washed my dishes . Managed to find my son’s Winter jacket that was in his dad’s car. Found my jacket in my oldest’s wardrobe .

I’ve given her jacket to her sister and she can have mine. It saves me having to buy a new one for the youngest . I hardly wore mine as I have an old one that I usually wear or my down. 

With that sorted the only one missing a jacket is hubby. Not that he needs one as his one is down at the hidey hole or at the rental. 

He usually just wear his down anyway. Plus he’s old enough to buy his own stuff. I only bought the down for him as I know he’d never buy it. It’s part of his anniversary pressie.

Waiting for the jackets to wash . I’m off to shower and might go out. Plenty of left overs for tonight.

Might cook something new to supplement our dinner. Not sure what. We will see.