Guess that’s what holidays is all about . Don’t have to do nothing if one doesn’t want to.

We just made it to the 10am showing of Beauty and the Beast. What a great movie. Wouldn’t mind seeing it again.

Then we walked back down to Westfield for lunch .
After that the kids went one way I went the other. Bought hubby another down jacket. Can’t resist sales plus I had a $20 voucher so used that up.

Then we went to order take away for dinner. 

Whiles waiting we went into Coles to grab fruits, yoghurt, cream, kabana and of course donuts for me.

We’re home now. The kids are in the spa arguing . Those two have a love and hate relationship. Their plans is after the spa they will watch a horror movie together.

I was going to sort out the house but am now happily in bed.

Found my Doctor Doctor series. I’ve watched an episode here and there but didn’t watch the whole season. 

He’s so very naughty and cute as hell . I’m a sucker for naughty men 😍