We decided to be safe so we went with a rainjacket (girls) and an umbrella (guy)


The dark clouds rolling in. 

My son with his umbrella. The water was very cold. I dipped my feet in and it was like what the? It was icy cold. My son laughed. He was like did it shock you mum? 

Beach was full of seaweed today down where I usually sit.

Someone’s hidey hole. Can’t believe they didn’t even bury it. Could see their wallet , phone and watch . It’s safe here but not that safe. 

Just outside the cafe. Went in to buy a coffee.

What good is the beach without fish and chips? My youngest wanted a pie. She bought a beef and burgundy one.

And after all that it didn’t rain at all. Not even one drop. It was getting a bit windy by the time we got home.