Took me awhile to plan out the back bathroom and laundry.

As I desperately wanted a window in from the car space to give it some natural light. But then putting a window in means I had to flip the shower and toilet around to give them a bit of privacy. 

I also had to change the configuration of the laundry to allow a door way in. From the laundry to the bathroom it will be a cavity door to save space.

Walk in shower =1000mm

Vanity =1000mm

Toilet=standard roughly 400mm wide 700mm deep plus 500mm leg room.

Laundry trough and bench 1200mm long and 600mm deep.

Washing machine 600mm wide and deep.

It leaves a 600mm walk way from storage area through the laundry into the bathroom. 

There’s no doors between the storage area and the laundry. 

I’ve drawn everything to scale.