I’m thinking of making this for dessert . As for dinner it might be lamb today chucked on the BBQ.

I haven’t made this for awhile well more like years as it’s very fiddly.

Hubby was craving them last night and well they are easy to make if you don’t worry about making the bigger ones with the mungbean filling inside. 

The dough is 1:3 so 1 potato starch to 3 glutinous rice flour . 

If you want softer dumplings then put more potato starch in.

The plain ones only need a gingery syrup and some coconut milk and sesame seeds on top for a yummy dessert.
The gingery syrup I’m going to make with slab sugar and ginger slices. Just substitute if no slab sugar. 

The coconut milk is pretty much coconut milk and some corn flour to thicken it and a bit of salt to counter the sweetness of the syrup.
Then garnish with some pan fried sesame seeds.

You can also make the elaborate version which has mungbean and coconut filling inside. 

For the recipe above I used 175g about half a packet of mungbean and 100g half a packet of shredded coconut (frozen ) .Then sugar and a bit of salt to taste. 

Soak the mungbean overnight and then cook it in some water. Water level should just be about 1cm above the beans. Once cooked , drain and mash it before shaping it into balls with the sugar salt and coconut. Don’t over cook it as it will disintegrate and too soggy and wet to shape . 

Today I’m going to make just 1/4 of that recipe. As the little dumplings don’t need much dough to make. 

So will need 30g of potato starch and 90g of glutinous rice flour. I’ll probably only need about 90mls roughly of hot water from my calculations.
(375mls divide by 500g then multiply by 120g)

It can get a bit messy with the dough as the potato starch is very sticky. The dough will feel just a bit sticky and that’s should be okie. As long as the dough feels smooth it’s good to go. If it’s too sticky add a bit more flour to it.

Also lining the bench with gladwrap/foodwrap will help keep the balls from sticking to the surface. 

I guess I’d better get up to go groceries shopping. Not yet over my cold and so feeling like crap. Have taken some paracetamol for my headache. Guess I’d better soldier on or else no dinner tonight.