As you can see my thought processes. Was going to pop the door to bedroom 3 near the study /dining end then realised I had nowhere to put the BIR. Also I would have to block the sight of the entry from the study/dining somehow. 

So then I moved the door in to allow for it but then the door would get in the way of opening the wardrobe. The other problem was I couldn’t place the bed anywhere.

It made more sense to move the door to the other end to allow for placement of the bed and it also gives me more storage and bench space for the incorporated laundry on the other side of the wall. The added bonus was I didn’t have to hide the entry to the bedroom. 

Now that I’ve figured out where everything is going to be the fun part begins. 

Next bit the electrical plans then the interiors. 

It’s so much fun planning for renovations just not into the dusty part of it.