From all of our renovation attempts I’ve learnt one thing . Needs lots of research and lots of planning. 


The electrician will look after this bit but I find it useful to always do a plan and submit it. 

That way everything is covered . I tend to go through the house or apartment and note down how many lights and power points I’d need. Whether I’d need a double or a single and the position of the points.

Let say in my laundry I’d want one for the washing machine , one for the dryer. May be one for the iron if I’m ironing in there and one to charge the vacuum cleaner etc. 

The point for the washing machine would be down low whereas the other two will be a bit higher up. 

Then I’d need a central light for the room. 

It’s a tedious process but if it’s not done properly it will cost much more to put them in post renovation. I’ve had to pay $150 per point for the hidey hole.

Then there’s the wall lights and the pendants . If I’m to renovate again. There’d be no wall lights in the bedrooms. They are a pain in the proverbial. Once in they depict where the bed goes. There’s no options to turn the bed or move it. 

Same goes for the pendants. They are great over a kitchen island bench or anything that’s stationary but not over a dining table. 

When there’s guests around there’s no option to turn the table and add another one . And once the table is not under the pendants, bruises to the forehead and back of head entails. 

After everything is worked out then it’s drawn up in a table for the electrician.

This is a mock one that I did for my course. SGPO =single power points

DGPO=double power points 

AFL=above floor level thus the height of the points.

They are either low down 250 or just above bench height 1050. Then the 510 is behind the TV. 750 is for the wall oven and the 1500 is for the mounted dryer. 

Now to do one for the apartment. It’s the boring bits of the renovation but one that’s important to get right. It’s also easier for the tradies if you know exactly what you want. That way no misunderstandings and they can quote you better too.