I’m back in bed. Hubby took us all to lunch and now I’m back in bed. Lunch tired me out . Have since given the two younger ones money to do the groceries and to run errands. 

Hubby wanted belly pork and zucchini. My son need a hair cut. My youngest to go and pay for her tutoring. 

That’s all I’ve managed today. Washed a load of clothes . Tidy up my bedroom. Phoned the tutoring place to see if they were opened and confirm the price for tutoring for next term. 

Have found my CPDs don’t feel like studying . I’m still stuck on question 6. Only 19 to go. 

I’m going back to lala land and will think about stuff when I wake up.

It’s been a struggle lately to just get out of bed . How did I manage all these years ? Living in 2 cities and commuting ? Kids? Business ? Work? Volunteering ? 

I don’t know how I managed ? Days like today I just want to sleep the day away. Everything just seems too hard. 

I’d make a horrible sick person. I know that much.