After lunch we went to look at pots. His friend wanted to see what types they sell here so he can import. 

I’m a sucker for cute stuff. 

This is from a nursery 5 minutes down the road from my hidey hole.

After that we went across the road to the garden centre. More pots 😩 I’m not interested in any. All poorly made. Nothing that caught my eyes.

Then we went to a cider place to try out their ciders. Out of the three we tried we loved the original best. The draught was not bad either. 

Look at their ceiling 😍

I think I rather like their motto. Eat Beach Cider Repeat. May be Eat Beach Sex Sleep Repeat 😂

This was our dessert last night . We had take away as there was left overs.

Lots of ingredients in this chè (sweet soup)

1/ coconut milk 

2/ tapioca pearls

3/ peanuts 

4/ casava cubes

5/ taro cubes

6/ mung beans

7/ dried black fungus

8/ potato starch strands 

9/ lotus seeds

10/ rock sugar 

11/ pandan leaves for flavour 

The person who made it said she used rock sugar. Rock sugar gives it a much more subtle taste.

And apparently it doesn’t taste quite right if you omit the peanuts . Though you can substitute it with lotus seeds.