The surprise wasn’t a show or entertainment. It was dinner. He’s booked one of the finest Chinese restaurants in Melbourne. One of those table cloth ones that you have to book months in advance.

The food was exquisite . We went for the a la carte menu and ordered a bit too much. So we skipped dessert. The waiter brought out almond cookies to finish us off .

Then the hotel was of course my favourite. We’re on the 9th or top floor in one of the Ambassador suites.
It’s my favourite because it’s the prettiest hotel in Melbourne . And well the bed is to die for. Very very comfy. As for their showers they have this amazing huge shower head that you just hop under and don’t want to come out.

Went walkies for our coffee. Our beloved  Brunetti was closed 😩 so we gave this mob a go. The line was a mile down the laneway. They must be seriously good? We Melbournians just love our coffees.

They didn’t disappoint. Inside the tiny place they had 8 people working . One on the till taking orders, one serving and six on the coffee machines.

And if you bring your own cup it’s 50c off your coffee.

Now we are waiting for our souvlaki to come out.