Should be making cards to sell . No go 😩

Nothing comes to mind .

Look at Cookie Monster . My little one made it in her cake decorating class. She said it took weeks. They’d add a colour and then had to wait before they could add another.

Not sure if I want to go do groceries. Feeling a tad sleepy. Don’t know what to cook either. 

As for our staff I’m annoyed at them. One of the senior ones approached me to say she found mouldy tea towels in the clean tea towels drawer. She was wondering if the sink was leaking and if I could solve her problem. 

Well it’s not. It looks like some lazy buggers have been using them and putting wet dirty ones back in with the clean ones.

In the end I took them all home to wash. Have left instructions for the juniors to use the new wipes I’ve left and not tea towels to wipe benches .

Some days I wonder don’t people have common sense? Or is it just damn laziness?