Late Nights

Goodness me I feel old today. Last few nights have all been late nights and well let just say my body feels like a tattered blanket held together by a few remaining threads.

Days like today I feel so very very old. Yet part of me feels like a young girl . Still oblivious to the aging bits. I still go out sans bras . 

The other night going out I wore a G string and ummm flashed hubby at the station . He was appalled hehehe .Should have seen his face it’s like you can’t do it here people will see . What’s worse was it’s because he’s a pharmacist so we are supposed to be proper.

It was fun. I love seeing his face contorted worried about what people might think . To hell with them I say.

Hubby don’t like public display of affections much. I guess it all stemmed from there. I used to do it to annoy him. He’s getting better now so I’ve upped the ante. I’m always a step ahead of him. 

Next time I’ll go sans undies 😂

11 thoughts on “Late Nights”

  1. OMG YOU ARE MY KIND OF FRIEND!! I used to do this to my late husband! He’s probably spinning in his grave thinking I’ve found someone like me and we are LAUGHING about this!!

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      1. 😂 he already knew what I had on. He saw me with it on before we left the house . I didn’t realise. I did flash though don’t know if anyone saw as we were very close to the platforms and if someone looked down they’d have had a shock 😊

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