Mum train cancelled . Well catch the next train? I’m in no mood to take her to tutoring today. She woke me up startled.

Next train is due at 856am she’ll be 5 minutes late to tutoring oh well.

Am I being a bad mum? May be. 

If I take her? May be she’ll get there on time. May be because if a train goes by and we are stuck at the crossings we will be late.

So what’s a few minutes more? She will just have to catch an even earlier train. 

She knows that yet she tries her luck at catching the latest one possible. 

I hate entertaining . We don’t entertain much thus when we do I’m not used to it and ends up in a muddle.

Got most things yesterday so today it’s just prepping and cooking all day. 

One good thing we’ll have a yummy lunch . I’ll get up now and start cooking soon enough.

Dessert today will be red bean soup. We are trying to stay away from fatty stuff so no coconut milk. 

I’m making a green, potato and pasta salad and cauliflower in white sauce. 

My youngest have a craving for white sauce . Hopefully that will make up for me not taking her to tutoring this morning.