Mix up day. We woke up late then went to Richmond for spicy beef noodles . A big disappointment, there was hardly any flavour in the soup. 

Guess I’d better start cooking it at home or find another place.

How pretty is this? It’s weird that the owner had a row of rose bushes then this one at the very end .

A utility box on our way to lunch . It’s outside a pub.

Finally my blind is up . The spare hook is up as well thus we can move the blind across if need be. I’m very happy. 

In turn he was rewarded 😂

I need to go to Westfield to grab a cake for tonight. Waiting for my load of clothes to finish washing . Have popped his cousin’s clothes in the wash and dryer. Once it’s done I can fold them and put them in a bag for him.

He’s coming back here tonight after dinner to leave his car here then will go into the city with hubby’s friend to spend the night with him. 

Tomorrow his friend checks out of the hotel and will stay at our place for the night.

I still haven’t finished dusting as yet.