Some days I do wonder. If I had never have kids that my hair wouldn’t turn grey.

They will be the death of me. Today my oldest is giving me attitude again. Told her before she leaves to pick up everything off her floor , put her clothes away , put her damn undies in the laundry hamper and not having it lying around on the towel rack and wash her lunch/dinner boxes . 

She just went around in a daze . So in the end to quicken up her processes I phoned hubby at work. 

Waited awhile I hanged up as needed to dust the study and mezzanine.

He came home asking me what’s wrong so told him. 

Told him his daughter is driving me nuts . So he went and had a word with her.

I can’t do this parenting any longer. Today I’ve had enough. 

Wish that I could pop them all back in my belly and be done with it. 

Wish I had known how hard it is and that it’s for life and that there’s a contract with all the small prints that I can read before I sign up to be a mum. 

If that’s the case I think I would have never signed up. 

And to think growing up all I wanted was to  get married and have a family .