From memory I was going to make the goat/lamb steam boat from scratch.

This site makes it without the 5 spices powder though I had to google to translate the spices.

Đại hồi =star aniseed

Thảo quả = black cardamon

Quế khẩu =cinnamon stick

Đinh hương =cloves

Đẳng sâm =poor man’s ginseng

Kỷ tử =goji berries

Trần bì =dried mandarin peel 

The thing is they use pork as stock . 

I’m not sure if this is genuine goat steam boat . I would think you would use goat from the beginning and slow cook it. 

I might have to combine recipes again. 

Oh well I learnt something today. I was like what the? It shows how much I cook with spices . I hardly. 

I only know them by their English names. 

Anyhow will try another day. Tonight we are off to Italian at our fav Italian Il Carretto.