Just found out yesterday his cousin is staying with us til Friday. Today my job is to tidy up the study. 

I’ve kind of set it up last night after the party. The thing is hubby told me late so I’d already chucked the bedding into the wash. Well he didn’t tell me at all I had to pry it out of him.

I thought it was funny that his cousin had a shower and chucked his clothes into the hamper like he’s home.

Apparently he’s having a fight with his wife so he’s not going home at all. He’s due to fly out to Alice Springs on Friday. 

Photo from the internet .

I’m annoyed at my toilet seat being left up. What’s is wrong with our visitors ? Didn’t their wives train them right?

Toilet seats down. It’s the small things that separate men from gentlemen . Arghhhh

As for my youngest once she heard she’s taken her door hanging thingy down so she can close her door.

I’m a bit worried now. The mum in me worries. Two grown men sleeping in a room just outside her room. I was going to suggest she pops a chair against the door at night. Paranoid much?

I trust his cousin I don’t trust his friend. I don’t know him and hubby only see him twice yearly if that.