Oopsies I definitely let the cat out of the bag. Advertising to the world how old I am despite not wanting to.

I’m buggered today . Our guest hurried off to the airport this morning without a good bye. He asked hubby’s cousin to drive him.

Oh well. I’m glad at least things will get back to normal soon enough. 

Today is ANZACs day thus a holiday for us. A day of rest. It’s the last of the public holidays until Queen’s birthday in June.

They usually have a dawn service early this morning at the shrine. I feel for the veterans as it’s been raining nonstop.


I’ve just got breakkie out of the way . His cousin washed my dishes this morning citing there’s only a few. 

I might head into the business to get some scripts done as I’m behind again. What’s new?

May be look around for my recipes, make some cards and well do some CPDs. I haven’t gotten very far at all. 

Anyhow better start cracking, the more I get done the less I have to do later on. Need to get back into my sleep routine . Not doing too well being a zombie. 

Not doing too well staying at home 24/24 either. I feel like I’m slipping into never ending days of nothingness.