Found it. Have gone in and edit the recipe as it wasn’t up to scratch.

3 kg pork bones
2.5-3kg gravy beef

2 pork hock

227gram jar shrimp paste (Lee Kum Kee)

3 bunches water spinach shredded

1 bunch of each type of herb (mint, perilla, fish mint etc)

1 bunch coriander

1 pork loaf -spicy sliced

8 lemon grass stalks sliced (1 need to be finely processed)

2 teaspoons hột điều (red seeds)

2 tablespoons oil

2-3 tablespoons sugar

2 teaspoons of dried chilli

rice vermicelli 4 bags =2meals

2 brown onions

1 bunch spring onion

4 limes cut into wedges

*** 1 kg=2.205 lbs
*** pot =20 litres stock pot
1 litre=0.26 gallon 20 litres= 5.2 gallons…


Chuck the bones, gravy beef, pork hock, lemon grass, shrimp paste, onion , sugar into the pot and boil.

It takes a few hours for the juices to come out.

After 30-45 minutes check to see if the gravy beef and pork hock is ready. Take them out and slice the gravy beef.


You need to soak the noodles for at least half an hour or else it takes for ever to boil them.

Buy the one that’s not hollow inside. There’s two types.

Water spinach;

Remove the leaves.

Use a water spinach shredder to shred the stems of the spinach.

Pop them into cold water to curl them up. Only do this when ready to eat. If you leave them too long they curl up too much and is hard to eat.

Lemon grass/ chilli:

Some oil and red seeds in pan and on very low heat, the lowest you can set.

Move the seeds around with a wooden spoon or chopsticks. They don’t take long only about 1 minute?

If it start to smell burnt that means you have burnt them. Start again.

Once the seeds are done, chuck the seeds out and use the oil for the lemon grass/chilli mixture.

Add the chilli and processed lemon grass to the oil return to heat until fragrant.

It’s a big pot, fed my family 4 adults and 4 kids and still left overs for today.

You need to taste it again after it’s ready. Found it to need a bit more fish sauce.

The bún bò flavour is from the bones, gravy beef , shrimp paste and lemon grass. Thus the more you use of those the more the flavours come through.

Pork loaf. Usually in the fridge section of the Asian groceries (Vietnamese ones).

There are bakeries that you can buy them fresh. Aim for the ones that sells Bánh Mì Thịt (Vietnamese bread rolls )

This is a bakery that sells them fresh. They charge per kilo.

**** If you’re wondering what’s the water spinach is for? It’s to accompany the noodle soup as garnish.

You’d need one of these . It’s a splitter/shredder