I can just imagine living there. It’s so easy . 

Since it’s a Mediterranean area their deli is very well stocked. 

I’m trying out the pastrami and the double smoked ham today.

And their green grocer was a delight to be in. So much freshness in the one place. Found purple carrots.

What about this for display? 

They also sell juice. $9 for 2L of juice.

Brussel sprouts 😂 I’m going to try cooking them tonight. Can you believe it? I’ve never cooked them before .

My youngest’s reaction …yuck . She’s eaten them before and didn’t take to them. 

Lamb koftas from the butcher. Couldn’t resist. Let see if this butcher is any good. His meat looked fresh enough.

Bought some pork for hubby. He wanted pork for dinner . 

As for me I’m looking forward to the lamb koftas.

It’s so much easier when everything is in the same place. I miss living near a Plaza. Quick in and out.

Order has been restored . Our fruit bowl full . Lunch meats bought. Groceries done .

I’m a happy camper. 

Now to tackle the Brussel sprouts😍