Trying out my double smoked ham for breakfast this morning .

The ham shares the same name as our famous Barossa Valley. 

The valley is located in South Australia and is well known for its wine.

Taste test for the ham. Beautiful light delicate flavour that is just right. Loved it. 


Hubby is stuck at work so I might go out. Walkies buddy want to catch up. If not I’ll go for a wander anyway. 

Have just thought of something outside the square . I was thinking an oven tray as a magnetic board for the kitchen. Then it’s got the kitchen theme and is usable as well. 

Now to find the right tray as not all are magnetic.

My boy is off to his formal today . He’s going with a bunch of friends. Their school is co-ed but hardly any girls. It’s because all the girls are at the single sex school near by.

We’ve encouraged him to bring a partner but to no avail.

His friend’s parents are giving him a lift there. Hubby will give them a lift back with an offer of driving them into the CBD for a midnight snack at SupperInn.

We don’t encourage our kids to have boy friends or girl friends until they are in university. It’s so they can concentrate on studying. 

I’m a bit worried about our son. He’s forever gaming with his bestie. The two of them are like peas in a pod. So much so you’d think he’d end up batting for the other team. Anyhow hubby say not to worry he likes boobies too much to not like girls.

As for him he’s very tight lipped. He won’t tell me anything . He says mum you can’t keep a secret 😩